Whole person focused Occupational Therapy that really makes sense.

We use our Occupational Therapy skills to help individuals and their whānau 'make sense' of their situation equipping them to move forward with confidence.

Our approach

Here at Making Sense we work from a holistic view of child development, where the neurological processing for sensory and movement development provide the foundation for the individual through all areas of their life.  This includes their ability to engage with their learning, with their whānau, friends, and enjoy activities that are age and stage appropriate.

We work with people who have developmental dyspraxia, sensory processing and integration difficulties, and learning difficulties.  We help them to understand 'how they work', to get the best from their unique way of processing sensory and movement information so that they can engage in the different areas of their lives and realise their potential as individuals.

We journey with our clients alongside their whānau to ensure they are able to better engage with their learning, whānau, friends and activities they enjoy through using a sensory and movement therapy approach.  We also really enjoy working with adults to equip them more effectively so they can thrive in life from where they are at.

We help bridge the gap

We work alongside other therapists within the Education and Health sectors, bringing our holistic understanding to bridge the gap between learning, behaviour and development.  We consult with parents and schools to develop understanding and strategies so everyone involved is equipped to help the child thrive both at school and in the rest of life.

We understand the importance of bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle to fully understand the students learning needs and the individual's developmental needs.  This process takes place working in conjunction with Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Developmental Optometrists, Osteopaths and Pediatricians.

Making Sense delivers Occupational Therapy that is informative, educational and practical, with a commitment to the individual, child and whānau.


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