The people we love to work with

Emma works with people through all stages of their life, from babies to pre-school, primary school, intermediate and high school, and into adulthood who would benefit from support with sensory-motor neurodevelopment to reach their developmental potential in all areas of their life

We tailor a program to best suit the individual's needs depending on their stage of life and areas of importance for the individual


When working with children, Emma uses play based sensory motor therapy and intervention methods to support neurological development for sensory processing and motor co-ordination.  Therapy includes the use of sensory, motor, visual motor, handwriting and play based activities to strengthen processing identified as being difficult for the individual.  This further supports learning, social skills, self-esteem and confidence.


When working with adults, Emma uses a task orientated, consultation approach.  This develops understanding and strategies for supporting the individual to reach their goals and achieve their potential in different areas of their life, including work, socially and education.

Working together for better

We see the importance of working from a team approach, where the Occupational Therapist brings their unique areas of understanding to the 'team' working with the child, including whānau, teacher, other health care and education professionals.  Making Sense has connections with a range of other health and educational professionals and will make referrals as required, including GP, Paediatrician, Neurologist, biomedical, nutritional, educational, psychologist, etc.


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